Every employer has a legal obligation and responsibility to provide their employees with safe, secure and hygienic work environments; and by law, they must ensure your safety, security and health while you perform your duties as their employee.

The employer must provide you with safety equipment, adequate machineries and materials, safety training, satisfactory supervision and a safe system of work in place.

Often, however, employers fail on their duties to their employees and as result employees are injured in accidents at the workplace that were not their fault.

Such accidents are common and employers are required by law to have insurance in place to cover them for claims arising as a result of these accidents.

This means that while performing your duties as an employee, if you suffered a physical injury or contracted an industrial disease, then you are legally entitled to compensation.

Even if an accident occurred as a result of faulty equipment or machinery supplied by another company, you are still entitled to claim as it was the responsibility of your employer to ensure that any equipment or machinery they required you to use was safe.

By law, it is the duty of the employer to record your accident in the on-site accident book and this is your evidence that your accident occurred. Subsequent visits to the doctor or hospital in relation will prove your injuries. Because every employer has insurance in place, an employee can claim compensation without any fear of victimisation or repercussions. Most such cases are handled by case workers of the insurance company.

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