There are on average hundreds of road traffic accidents in the UK every day – the majority of which are caused as a result of human error. They can be very traumatic and painful for those involved; and often, can also cause significant financial loses.

Luckily, all vehicle drivers in the UK are required by law to have insurance in place that can compensate those involved in an accident due to the fault of the insured.

This means that if you were involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault (or you were only partly to blame) and you sustained personal injuries as a result of that accident, then the person responsible (via their insurers) is liable to pay you personal injury compensation and reimburse any loses you incurred.

Therefore, if your vehicle was hit by another, or you were a passenger in any vehicle involved in an accident (including a taxi or bus), or you were a pedestrian/cyclist/motorcyclist involved in an accident, we can help you claim compensation and recover any/all costs you incurred as a result of that accident (including damage to your vehicle, jewellery and loss of income due to days off work).

Our solicitors are experts in this field. Not only will we work to recover maximum compensation for the injuries you sustained, we will also recover any financial losses you incurred as a result of the accident – for absolutely no cost to you.

Speak to one of our claim solicitors today for a detailed discussion on your case and an estimate of the amount of compensation that you could be entitled to.